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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Many think of essential workers as being doctors, nurses, or even grocery store clerks. Yet there are many other health facilities that are in high need as well, such as dental care.

Covenant Family Dental Care is a mobile dental office established in February of this year. Dr. Vermelle Brown-Ghoston is the primary care and the one in charge of the facility. The mobile establishment focuses on helping those in need that may struggle to get affordable dental options.

Normally, the Covenant Family Dental Care trailer travels to areas all across northeast Kansas but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the mobile dental care is only traveling to a few select locations across the Topeka area.

Even in the hardest of times, Dr. Vermelle Brown-Ghoston says pain is pain, and that she wants to be there for the people of Topeka.

“Am I putting myself at risk? Absolutely I’m putting myself at risk, but at the same time I’m also taking extra precautions to make sure that I can stay healthy and still be available to the patient population,” Dr. Brown-Ghoston said.

Covenant Family Dental Care is open Monday through Wednesday by appointment only and is only taking dental emergencies at this time.

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