Dentistry amid COVID-19

The Coronavirus took us all by surprise. Not only did it create a worldwide health crisis, but it also affected the economies of the sturdiest countries, even the United States. Service providers in our country are finding new ways to adapt to this pandemic.

As we transition to the new normal, our mobile clinic is also adjusting with it. We have received several inquiries on whether it is safe and advisable to visit a dental clinic despite the risks of catching the virus. We always respond that when it comes to oral health, anytime is the best time! Remember that cavities do not choose when to attack.

Because of this, our mobile dentistry clinic has employed measures to ensure our client's safety. We observe the following protocols:

While we have to make some changes in our lifestyle, we believe that it should not include compromising your oral health. Call us and we can discuss how we can better protect you. 785-783-8550

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