8 Common Causes of Yellow Teeth

Although not as serious as other dental conditions, having a yellow teeth may cause us our confidence and may affect how we deal with people. We would definitely prefer to smile with our pearly whites rather than having discolored or stained teeth. However, these staining, are not only caused by bad oral hygiene but also other causes as well. Here are some of them.

1) Genes

Believe it or not, yellow teeth can be inherited from your parents. It is most likely that if one of your parent's teeth is yellow, you may have inherited it as well. Otherwise, their yellowish teeth may not have been caused by genes.

2) Dentins

Dentins are yellowish materials that can be found inside your teeth, under the enamel. When the enamel becomes so thin, the dentins will likely show and will give your teeth a yellowish hue.

3) Aging

Because of old age, your teeth eventually becomes yellow. This may be the result of the enamel wearing off because of the different things you have exposed your teeth to such as acidic foods, inadequate brushing, etc.

4) Smoking

Not only is smoking dangerous to your health, it can also make your teeth yellow. The nicotine in a cigarette will stain your teeth and it will be hard to remove it.

5) Food and Drinks

There are a lot of foods that causes your teeth to become yellow. These include acidic foods, pasta sauce, curry spices, vinegars, etc. There are also a lot of drinks that can cause the discoloration. These include coffee, tea, sodas, and other drinks that have artificial sweeteners.

6) Teeth Grinding

Grinding of the teeth will make it brittle and may weaken the enamel of the teeth, thus exposing the dentins that will cause the yellowish discoloration.

7) Bad Oral Hygiene

As we know, bad oral hygiene will have detrimental effects to your oral health. These include the discoloration of your teeth. Make sure to brush at least twice a day for two minutes per brushing and don't forget to floss!

8) No visit to the dentist

Visiting the dentist will ensure that any stain or discoloration on your teeth will be dealt with. Procedures such as teeth cleaning will help ensure that the teeth will remain the pearly white teeth, as should be. If you are in the Topeka area, you may contact us and book your appointment!

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