7 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Toothbrush

Choosing your toothbrush is more important than it seems. It may feel like a very simple task but you should think hard before settling with a toothbrush because it serves as your weapon to protect your oral health. A wrong choice may also mean that you become vulnerable to diseases that can greatly affect your overall health. Here are some things to consider when choosing your toothbrush.

1) Choose soft bristles.

Although there are a variety of bristles to choose from, soft bristles are the safest choice. Hard bristles may damage gum tissues or may pull back gums from the teeth, which can expose the root of the tooth and lead to increased sensitivity and tooth pain.

2) Size matters.

You may have noticed that toothbrushes have different sizes. The best size will be those toothbrushes that can brush one to two teeth at a time. You would not want toothbrushes that are too big because it can easily damage your teeth and you will have a hard time to reach hard to reach places inside your mouth.

3) It does not have to be electric.

Some people are convinced that electric toothbrushes can clean better than regular ones. The truth is, it does not. It is okay to use both electric and regular toothbrushes just as long as you use it properly. But if using the electric brush will motivate you to brush your teeth, then the few extra bucks might be worth it.

4) It must have ADA Seal of Acceptance.

In order to make sure that the toothbrush you are using is of good quality and safe to use, look for the seal of acceptance of the American Dental Association. This organization ensures that what you are using to clean your teeth will protect your teeth instead of damage it.

5) Brush handles are important.

Another thing to consider is the brush handle. The appropriate brush handle will depend on your preference. There are angled, non-slip grip, or flexible-neck handle available in the market.

6) Choose the color that excites you.

Choosing a color that you like will motivate you to brush your teeth because whenever you see that color, it excites you. Besides, it will prevent you from using the toothbrushes of other people inside your home.

7) If you are not sure with your choice, consult your dentist.

If you are unsure with your choice, the best option will be to go to the dentist. As experts of oral care, they will make sure that you will buy the product that will best suit your needs.

Dentists recommend that you change your toothbrush every 3 months so you will always have a chance to change the brand that you are using if you are not happy with it. Go wild in choosing your toothbrush!

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