6 Ways To Boost Good Bacteria Inside Your Mouth

A lot of the mouth and gum diseases are caused by bacteria in your mouth brought by poor oral hygiene. However, little did we know that there are also good bacteria living in our mouth which is also known as probiotics. These bacteria prevent plaque, bad breath, gingivitis, and oral cancer, among others. These are some of the ways to boost good bacteria in your mouth:

1) Eat organic foods

Studies have shown that eating organic vegetables and fruits will help boost the probiotics in our body which will make us more healthy. Same is also true for the good bacteria inside our mouth. This does not mean that we need to eradicate animal-based products in our diet but instead, increase eating organic foods.

2) Cut down on sugar

By now, we know that sugar is not good for our teeth and mouth. Sugar attracts the bad bacteria which means that the more sugar we eat, the more bad bacteria becomes present in our mouth. This would also mean that there is a huge chance that the bad bacteria will overpower the good bacteria and will inhibit the benefits we get from it.

3) Avoid acidic drinks

Not only do acidic drinks have corrosive effects on our teeth, it also attracts bad bacteria because of the presence of sugar. Studies have also shown that even sugarless acidic drinks can still cause an imbalance of bacteria inside our mouth and upset the good bacteria. So drink acidic drinks in moderation.

4) Choose a probiotic-boosting toothpaste

One great way of ensuring that the mouth remains rich with good bacteria is by using a toothpaste that will boost the probiotics. There are several brands in the market that specifically offer this benefit.

5) Quit Smoking

Everybody knows that smoking is bad but there is another reason to quit smoking. Research suggests that smoking harms the delicate balance of microorganisms in the mouth. This would mean that the bad bacteria would outnumber the good bacteria and prevent it from doing the benefits it gives its host.

6) Manage blood sugar levels

Oral bacteria get disturbed with the fluctuations in the blood sugar levels. Especially if you are a diabetic, it will be good to manage your blood sugar levels and keep it in a stable.

These are just some ways to make sure that your mouth is full of good bacteria which can give you several benefits. You can also visit your dentists to ensure that the bad bacteria does not overpower the probiotics inside your mouth.

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