6 Fun Facts About Saliva

We are all familiar with saliva, but not everyone really knows what it is for and what role it plays in our body. It is often taken for granted but what you don't know is that the saliva is as interesting as any other fluid in the human body. Here are some fun facts about the good old spit.

1) Saliva helps you become healthy.

Believe it or not, saliva plays a significant role in maintaining your overall oral health. It can also help in fighting infection because of the white blood cells present in it. Lastly, it can also help prevent cavities because of the minerals it contains.

2) Saliva is mostly water.

Despite its gooey appearance and texture, saliva is just 99% water. The rest of the 1% are electrolytes, proteins, cholesterol, among others.

3) Saliva is illegally traded in South Africa

Doesn't this sound weird? But because of the government aid that is being given to South Africans if they get infected with Tuberculosis, saliva that is infected with the disease is being traded illegally.

4) Saliva is necessary to be able to taste.

Food molecules must dissolve in saliva in order to be recognized by taste buds. The breaking down of the food releases the flavor which gives the food its taste.

5) Saliva can be used to diagnose diseases.

There are a number of diseases that can be diagnosed by testing the saliva. Some of these include Tuberculosis, HIV, and Hepatitis C. Saliva can also be analyzed to monitor alcohol intake, smoking, and drug use.

6) Constant drying of mouth indicates the need for lifestyle change.

There are several things that cause a reduction of saliva in our mouth. These include smoking, inadequate fluid intake, strenuous exercise, many medications, and many others. Having a dry mouth can also lead to other complications so if you are guilty of any of these, consider changing your ways.

There you go! These are just some of the fun facts regarding your spit. For more info, you may call Covenant Family Dental Care at 785-783-8550 and book your appointment!

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