5 Reasons Why Mobile Dental Clinics Are Better

Believe it or not, access to quality dental care is still a major problem in the healthcare industry. Several factors have contributed to this dilemma and governments, together with the dental industry have identified innovative ways in order to help provide quality dental services especially to the underserved communities. One of these innovations is mobile dentistry. Over the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of dental practitioners shifting from traditional dental practice to mobile dentistry. For this reason alone, patients are wondering whether such change will result to lower quality in terms of the dental service provided. But mobile dentists have provided assurance that the services they provide are of the same quality, if not, better than when they were in the traditional dental practice. Further, patients will experience several more advantages, which include the following: 1. Mobile Dental Services are more affordable. One of the main goals of mobile dentistry is to provide dental services for those who do not have access to it because of several factors which include lack of budget. With this in mind, most mobile dental services are cheaper than having it done in traditional clinic settings. 2. Mobile Dental Clinics are more accessible. Because these clinics are portable, they can travel from one place to another. This also means that even rural and far-flung communities will have the opportunity to have access to quality dental care. 3. Mobile Dental Clinics have more flexible hours. Most dental clinics have more flexible hours compared to the 9-to-5 timeframe of traditional dentists. This means that those people who are working or are in school will have to take the day off or cut classes just to be able to have their teeth checked. A lot of mobile dental clinics either start earlier or end later than the usual schedule. 4. Mobile Dental Clinics are good for those with dental anxiety. Since mobile dental clinics do not look like your traditional dental clinic and the ambience is totally different, patients with dental anxiety will more likely be at ease in the mobile dental setting. A lot of patients who get extremely anxious with dentists have said that they are more comfortable in the mobile dental clinic. 5. Mobile Dental Clinics can cater to patients that have difficulty in mobility. Mobile Dental Clinics can travel right at your doorstep. This means that those patients who have mobility issues will be able to have quality dental services without going far from their homes. These include the Persons with Disabilities, the elderly, the pregnant women, among others. These are just some of the advantages that mobile dental clinics offer. A lot of the patients are still hesitant to book their appointments with a mobile dentist because the traditional dental setting seems to be more convenient. However, our patients can attest that mobile dental clinics provide the same caliber of dental service, if not, better than the traditional dental clinics. Still not convinced? If you are in the Topeka, Kansas area, you can call us at 785-783-8550 for inquiries or you can send us a message on our Facebook page.

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