11 Ways To Fight Bad Breath

Halitosis, or more commonly known as bad breath, is a condition that is affecting millions of people all over the world. It can be very embarrassing and might affect your relationship with other people. If you think you have bad breath, here are some things that you can do to help fight or even eliminate bad breath.

1) Brush your teeth regularly

ways to fight bad breath tooth brush

Most of the time, bad breath is caused by bad oral hygiene. People who do not brush their teeth regularly are most likely to have more bacteria build-up in the mouth which can lead to mouth diseases and chronic halitosis. As recommended by the American Dental Association, brush your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes.

2) Floss more often

ways to fight bad breath flossing

Bad breath can also be caused by food stuck in between your teeth. Flossing will remove food debris and will make sure that the bacteria will not have anything to feed on.

3) Use mouthwash

ways to fight bad breath mouthwash rinse

Rinsing your mouth will not only freshen your breath but it will also kill the bacteria. However, excessive use of mouth wash might irritate your oral tissue which will make it susceptible to more bad breath-causing bacteria. Use mouth rinse that are not too strong to protect your oral tissues.

4) Brush or scrape your tongue

ways to fight bad breath tongue

The tongue is usually a host for the smelly bacteria. To ensure that food debris, bad bacteria, and dead cells are removed from the tongue, use an inexpensive scraper or if not available, brushing your tongue using your toothbrush is just as effective.

5) Drink lots of water.

ways to fight bad breath water

Dry mouth causes bad breath because the lesser the saliva, the less likely will the bacteria be washed away. To deter bad breath, make sure to hydrate yourself to avoid dry mouth. You can also do other things to make sure you salivate such as chewing sugarless gum.

6) Avoid foods that causes bad breath

ways to fight bad breath food

There are plenty of foods that cause bad breath. The most common ones are those that we use as ingredients to make our food taste better such as onion and garlic. Avoiding foods that will sour your breath is the best option but if you can't help it, make sure to have a breath freshener with you.

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7) Stop Smoking

ways to fight bad breath smoking

Smoking does not only leave a bad taste in your mouth but it also makes your breath stink. Aside from the usual health complications associated with smoking, it can also cause mouth and gum diseases. So before you light that cigarette, think of other people first. Resist the urge.

8) Keep your gums healthy

ways to fight bad breath gums

Bacteria can lodge in the pockets at the base of the teeth which will cause bad breath. Make sure that your gums are healthy by practicing good oral hygiene and having your regular visit to the dentist.

9) Eat foods that will prevent bad breath

ways to fight bad breath foods

If there are foods that cause bad breath, there are also those that help prevent it. Munch on crispy fruits and vegetables such as apples to help wash away bacteria from the teeth. Chew sugarless gum to increase saliva production and eat herbs such as basil and parsley, which contain polyphenols, natural chemicals that fight bad breath.

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10) Treat the underlying cause

ways to fight bad breath

Sometimes, the problem is not with your mouth or your oral hygiene. Some halitosis are caused by an underlying medical problem such as ulcer or other digestive disorders. In order to solve these problems, consult your doctor for the treatment of your condition.

11) Visit your dentist regularly

ways to fight bad breath dentist

We all know that when it comes to oral health, the dentists are the experts. Make sure to visit your dentist regularly to check on your oral condition so that proper treatment will also be administered should there be a problem. If you are in the NE Kansas area, you may call us at 785-783-8550 or click here to set your appointment.

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