The 10 Foods That Will Damage Your Teeth

You can say a lot about a person with how their teeth look like. Not only can you tell how good their dental hygiene is, the teeth can also be an indication on how bad your eating habit is. A lot of foods that we routinely eat can have a direct effect on our dental health because some foods either feed the bacteria that are present in the mouth, or their component is damaging to the teeth itself. These are some of the foods that you should avoid to keep your teeth healthy:

1) Sticky, Sour, and Hard Candies

We have known this since we were little. Candies are damaging to the teeth. But what we don't know is that sticky, sour, and hard candies are most likely to cause greater damage. Sticky candies get stuck to the crevices of the teeth, leaving behind lots of sugar. Meanwhile, sour candies contain acids that can be tough on your teeth. Lastly, hard candies stay in your mouth longer which also means that the sugar will have more time to cause damage to your teeth.

Dental Tip: Eat candies that wash away easily i.e chocolates

2) Carbonated Drinks

Sodas are loaded with sugar and different kinds of acids that will wear away your tooth enamel. Drinking carbonated drinks will essentially coat your teeth in acid and will eventually make it brittle. Even the "diet" variety contains acid and is still harmful to your teeth. Carbonated drinks also stain your teeth.

Dental Tip: Drink soda with meal. The food will neutralize the acid.

3) Alcohol

Not only does alcohol contain acid but it also dries your mouth. A dry mouth means little saliva which also means there is nothing in the mouth that will dissolve the sugar or wash away the food particles.

Dental Tip: Keep your mouth hydrated by drinking plenty of water after drinking alcohol.

4) Ice

Ice may seem harmless because it is only hardened water but the American Dental Association has said that chewing on ice may damage the enamel and will make the teeth susceptible to dental accidents such as a chipped tooth, broken teeth, or loosened crowns.

Dental Tip: Resist the urge to chew ice.

5) Citrus fruits

While citrus fruits are generally healthy and is essential for a balanced diet, it can make your teeth vulnerable to decay. These fruits are highly acidic which can attack the enamel of your teeth and will make it brittle in the long run.

Dental Tip: When drinking juices, use a straw so that some of the acid will bypass the teeth.

6) Chips

Chips satisfy our cravings for something to munch on but these bad boys contain starch that becomes sugar. Since most of us can eat a whole bag, this means that we intake a huge amount of starch that could potentially damage our teeth.

Dental Tip: Drink water after eating chips to wash away the sugar left in the mouth.

7) Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea are usually healthy beverage choices but because of our tendency to put a lot of sugar, it becomes damaging to our teeth. Frequent drinks of coffee and tea may also stain your teeth and make your mouth dry.

Dental Tip: Keep sugar level to a minimum.

8) Sports drinks

Since sports drinks are designed to pump up athletes, they contain high amount of sugar. They can also dry your mouth especially when engaging in vigorous physical activities such as sports.

Dental Tip: Read the label. Choose a sports drink with less sugar.

9) Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has properties that we can derive a lot of benefits from. However, it has high contents of acid that will erode tooth enamel quickly.

Dental Tip: Instead of sipping it, drink it with water.

10) Pasta

Eating pasta will be double danger for your teeth. The pasta itself contains sugar that will feed the bacteria inside your mouth while the tomato sauce is acidic which will cause damage to your teeth enamel.

Dental Tip: Eat pasta with meatballs to neutralize the acid and sugar content.

These are just some of the foods that can be dangerous to your teeth. It is always important that regardless of what food you eat, you drink plenty of water, brush and floss regularly, and visit your dentist. If you want to know whether your eating habit has already affected your teeth, you may set an appointment with us.

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